Yes, DL Flooring & Design warranties the workmanship of your installation for one year after the completion of work. All workmanship is guaranteed to be first quality. Should any defects due to faulty workmanship become apparent, Di Luca Flooring & Design will correct the problem free of charge. This warranty does not cover damage caused by abuse, neglect, improper use or by cleaning agents.

If you need this service we will add a charge to your estimate and we will move all the furniture necessary.
However, we don’t move any small items that might break, art work, aquariums, and antiques.

For major renovation projects, we recommend clients to rent a Pod and have movers to handle the furniture. 

Remodeling can and will be dusty. We do our best to keep the work area as clean as possible through the use of plastic barriers, including protecting furniture and the AC system.

Yes, you can. We work by areas, you can stay anywhere in the house as long as you aren’t in the area that we are working on.

However, for larger projects we recommend clients to move out. Each case is unique and professionals will advise you accordingly.

When replacing/installing marble or tile, the baseboards should be removed. If it’s in a fair condition the old baseboards can be reinstalled.
We offer a professional baseboard installation for your project!

Usually, yes, but only if the surface below has been installed correctly and is not broken or experiencing any problems. However, this is generally not the best option. Overlapping floors will slightly elevate your floor height, and the doors will have to be altered to open normally.

Marble and other natural stones are porous and should be sealed after installation according to manufacturer’s instructions. There are different types of sealer and we will recommend the right one for your project.

Using a tile leveling system assures a leveled floor. Tile lippage is one of the worst things. A slightly uneven floor or material problem can compromise the entire project. It also could cause a person to trip if they happened to catch the edge of the tile with their feet.
We take pride in our installations and want to leave our customers with the safest and most professional installation as possible, which is why we always use a tile leveling system on all of our tile installation projects.

No, we don’t. However we work with great stores that offers hight quality products. We can always assist you when buying the materials needed for your project. Usually we offer labor estimates, meaning that the materials must be purchased by the client.

We will provide an estimate of the materials needed to complete your project. We’ll consider different factors like the square footage, scoop of the work, layout etc. We’ll also add a percentage for waste.

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